Wellness Profiles
Wellness Profiles are a complimentary service provided to guests and clients of our Coaches. Profiles include a comprehensive assessment of eating habits and activities levels including a customized plan for reaching desired health goals.

Wellness Profiles Include:

Goal setting, Body compensation analysis: including Body Mass Index, Body Fat %, mussale mass % Protein Factor, Resting Metabolic Rate Education on healthy active lifestyle, eating habits,
Customized eating plan and nutrition programs.

24Fit Yoga
Our Yoga Club provides a fantastic overall stretch, relaxation for promoting strength, flexibility and overall well-being. includes the yoga class and a fantastic Daily Membership breakfast, which includes a nutrition smoothie and green tea.

What to Expect: Flexibility, relaxation vitality and fun!

What to Bring: Yoga mat, water, smile and great attitude and a friend!

24Fit Warriors:

24Fit Warriors is a strength and conditioning program abide by the methods, principles and concepts via constantly varied, functional movements and performing them at high intensity.

What to Expect: Super heroes school!